Meet The Leadership Team

Moby Hayat

An immigrant from Pakistan, Moby moved to the US in 2010 for the University of Texas.

9 years, an undergrad, Masters degree, and 5 years in Corporate America later, Moby started Fireshow Media as a spin-off from his highly popular Podcast, The Fire Show.

When he's not interviewing people, developing sales strategies, and picking which one of his 27 black outfits to wear, Moby can be found enjoying a ice cold coffee in Austin, Pakistan, or Turkey.

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Sean Richards

Sean is a veteran podcaster with a background in comedy and marketing, who’s hosted and produced content for companies such as Camping World, Ibble, and Fireshow Media.

When he’s not consulting or cracking jokes on a web show, he’s either writing songs (shameless plug), drinking his 4th cup of coffee, or hanging out with his beautiful wife, Angela and his adorable golden retriever, Gouda.

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